Decal printing

We screen print decals using professional high temperature burn porcelain and glass inks for porcelain, ceramics and glass specialists. The decal print page dimensions are 245mm x 340mm.

You can send us either the original photo or graphics file or a fully prepared film with colour seperations (please contact us to request the tecnical specifications beforehand).

File preparation

You can use any type of graphic (logo, photo, text etc.) to create a decal as long as it is available digitally.

For any graphics please provide a vector graphics file (.ai, .eps, .pdf) and convert any text to outlines.

To ensure a good reproduction of your graphic on the printable item, please:

  • Use lines wider than 0.2mm for positive graphics and 0.4mm for negative graphics
  • Use at least 7pt size for positive and 10pt size for negative printable text

If you are planning to use a photo or similar graphic, please ensure that it has a resolution of at least 300dpi at the actual size (so if the printable area is 5cm x 5cm, then 5cm @ 300dpi = a graphic of at least 591px by 591px). The file should be provided as .psd, jpeg, .png or .tif.

You can send your files by email to or if the file is larger than 10MB you should use a file transfer service like or similar or alternatively your Dropbox or similar service. You can also deliver the files to us on physical media - CD, DVD, Flash drive or an external HDD. Please ensure that these are formatted for PC use.

Every order is unique. We will recommend the best solution and calculate your quote based on your request sent to or phone enquiry to +371 67629766.

The final price of the order is dependant on:

  • The amount of colours in the graphic
  • The film printing costs
  • The screen preparation costs
  • The number of decal pages
  • Your deadline