Ordering imprinted tableware on webpage:

  1. CHOOSE tableware from catalogue
  2. At chosen tableware CALCULATE the price of imprinting and add to the BASKET
  3. CONTINUE browsing other tableware if necessary
  4. CONFIRM the order placed in BASKET
  5. Our colleagues will contact You

Ordering imprinted tableware by e-mail:

  1. Send e-mail to with: information about quantity of designs needed and attached design and picture of tableware (if You choose to imprint your own tableware) or article if tableware are chosen from our catalogue
  2. Our colleagues will contact You

Ordering tableware with logo imprinted should be considered that, order price consists of:

  • total amount of items
  • color count in design
  • size of design

For tableware imprinting using decal technology there are no limitations to placement of design tableware can be imprinted from outside, from inside, all-around also on the bottom, handle or base

In Decal silkscreen technology significant is color count, we can imprint graphics and designs, but technology is not suitable for photography and designs with fluent color transitions (about photography imprinting plesa see section – Sublimation)

In Decal silkscreen technology significant is total count of items, it’s directly affecting price – if more designs are made the price per one item will be lower