Printing – Decal printing is the most durable type of prints, the printing result is of high quality and the printed dishes can be washed in the dishwasher.

We are a manufacturer of tableware printing and we print logos and graphic designs on various tableware – mugs, plates, glasses, water bottles. Decal print has various advantages – durability, quality, choice of dishes, wide possibilities of print area and compatibility for use with food.

Why print dishes with us in Ornandum dish printing?

  • the print has long durability and high quality
  • decal printing is the most permanent type
  • printed dishes can be washed in the dishwasher
  • pronounced brightness of print colors
  • unlimited area
  • the print is compatible with food
  • a wide range of tableware in our warehouse
  • favorable printing costs starting from a print run of 30 pcs, the larger the print run, the more favorable the price
  • 25 years of experience

What is decal printing?

A decal print is a color drawing prepared using the screen printing technique, which is placed on a dish or other porcelain, glass or ceramic product using wet transfer technology and fired at a high temperature. Such technology is identical to the industrial process and ensures the highest durability of the drawing.

We use professional equipment: firing furnace, printing equipment, glass and porcelain paints made in Germany and other materials that guarantee high-quality order fulfillment.

We will print porcelain, ceramic and glass products: glasses, mugs, plates, vases, tiles, beer mugs, various souvenirs and other exclusive items.

Each order is individual. We will calculate the price of your order and offer the best solution after the received request by e-mail When sending the request, add a logo to the e-mail, or indicate the number of colors in the design and the desired number of copies.

The order price consists of:

  • order volume;
  • decor size;
  • the number of colors in the design;

When doing a drawing in the screen printing technique, the desired circulation is at least 30 pieces. However, we can also print smaller editions. The specificity of the decal printing technology is that the larger the print run, the more favorable the price per unit.

Print can be done on the outside, inside, bottom, on the axis of the container – according to your choice.

To receive a price offer for printing, send us an e-mail indicating the desired print run, the number of colors and what you want to print.

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We engrave with a high-precision laser engraver and provide an accurate and detailed design. We engrave on wood and metal with paint coating.


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